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Finance Information

South Porcupine Dental understands the concerns for people regarding their family's dental health. We also know that the options for financing dental care are important for our patients. To make things easier, we have included some information on a particular provider for your convenience.

Please be aware that other options for funding are available elsewhere.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this financing through?
We provide online financing through PayBright. PayBright allows you to break down the cost of an expensive purchase into a series of affordable monthly or bi-weekly installments. This allows you to complete your purchase with confidence. For more information, click here. In-office financing (average of three months) is also available at request in our office.

What are the interest rates? How much is the cost of borrowing?
We offer promotional interest rates as low as 0% interest, though our interest rates typically start from 7.95% (the exact rate depends on the quality of your credit). The large majority of patients pay less than typical credit card interest rates. Some plans also include a small monthly processing fee with each payment, which will be listed and included in the monthly payments if applicable.

Do I need to make a deposit?
No! We do not require a deposit through our online financing service.

Can I pay for a portion of the treatment myself and apply for the remainder?
Yes! When applying online, simply deduct the amount you wish to apply towards your treatment from the total cost of treatment you require. For example, if your treatment is $1000 and you wish to pay $200 in advance, apply online for $800 in financing. Our office staff can assist you if you require any further guidance.

Can I pay off my account before the term ends?
Absolutely! There are no penalties for early payments, and you can make your payments online 24/7 at your convenience.

Will a credit check be done? Will this affect my credit score?
When you apply, PayBright will conduct an instant credit check with a credit bureau in order to verify your identity and determine your eligibility for a payment plan. This check will not affect your credit score as it is considered a “soft check”.

How do I access my PayBright account? What do I do if I have questions or concerns about my financing plan?
You can login and access your Paybright customer portal here. If you have questions regarding your financing services or require assistance, you can contact PayBright here.


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